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How to activate Facebook on Your Cell phone?

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Monday, July 11

How to activate Facebook on Your Cell phone?

Many of you Wants to stay in touch with your friends on Facebook while you are out of city or out of home. But you don’t know how. I am going to teach you how to activate Facebook Account on Cell phone.

There are two ways to connect your Facebook Account to your cell phone:
1- Mobile Internet
2- SMS (Short Messaging Service) by Facebook

1- Mobile Internet
  • If you have Internet Capable Cell phone. You can access Facebook via Mobile Internet.
  • Go to Login your Account and enjoy it. 
  • Make sure you have Internet capable Mobile phone. 

2-SMS (Short Messaging Service) by Facebook
  • If you have old cell phone or You don’t want to acces Internet from Mobile Internet. You can access Facebook by SMS Updates. 
  • Go to
  • Go to the Right above corner of your facebook page. You will see Account button. Click On it.
  • A scroll Down Menu appears Now choose Account Settings. See this Image below.

  • Now, go To Mobile tab. See the image below. 

  • Choose add your Mobile Phone and then a box appear.
  • Choose your Country and Mobile Carrier Service. Click on Next.
  • Then you have to Text the Letter F to 32665.
  • After you send text to 32665, Facebook will send you a confirmation code to your cell phone.  
  • Put that confirmation code in the box Activate Facebook Texts (Step 2 of 2).
 Now you can enjoy Texting from your Cell phone.

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