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Block Ads in Google Chrome using Ad Block Extension

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Monday, October 24

Block Ads in Google Chrome using Ad Block Extension

Ad block is a Google Chrome extension which helps you to stop appearing ads in your Chrome browser. Ad block is useful for folks who are fed up with irrelevant ads on the internet. There might be more extension for blocking ads on Google chrome store but I personally like ad block. If you are using Firefox; you can find similar extension for blocking ads in Firefox, search in Firefox extension store page or Google it ad block plus. Ad block will block all the ads from all of the websites including Facebook and YouTube. So let's see how to install ad block extension. 

Go to ad block extension page.
Click on add to chrome button.
It will start to downloading extension file, wait for complete it.

When the file will complete, a new window will open in your chrome browser.
In this window the extension asks to “I like Google’s text ads’; don’t block those.” Tick right if you want to show Google text ads on the web pages.

In the above area at the wrench menu button there will be a button showing stop sign. If you want to reconfigure your setting of ad blocker you can adjust it by click on the stop sign button.
Now you can browse internet safely without seeing any ads in your browser.

How to uninstall ad blocker extension from Google Chrome?

If you don’t want to use ad block anymore you can uninstall it whenever you want. Go to the wrench icon at the right top of your Google chrome browser. Now, click on wrench icon and then click on tools > extensions.
Now beneath the ad block extension click on uninstall. It will uninstall the ad blocker from your Google chrome browser.

If you find any difficulty while installing ad block extension, feel free to ask in the comment box below.

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